Episode 10: Kevin

Catriona talks to fellow survivor Kevin Marshall about being abused as a child, and why the taboo of sexual abuse in the black community stopped him from talking about it.

Kevin was abused by someone close to his family. The abuse started when he was only five years old, and lasted for four years. But as Kevin explains, his experience influenced all of his future relationships, as he tried to shut himself off to anyone who might get close.

In part 1, Kevin talks quite explicitly about what he experienced, so if you want to skip this conversation, you can head back to the feed now and go straight to part 2, where Kevin talks about some of the ways he has coped since.

Kevin Marshall tells Catriona about how the birth of his son convinced him to write a book, specifically for parents in the black community, about how to see the signs of abuse.

Kevin talks about how his life turned around after writing a Facebook post which told his friends and loved ones he had been sexually abused as a child. He explains how travelling helps him meet new people and forge relationships he never could when he was younger.

If you've been affected by child sexual abuse or violence, you can find details of organisations in the UK who offer help and support at bbc.co.uk/actionline.

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