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Catriona - Creator of Life Continues After©

Catriona - Creator of Life Continues After©

Indigo - Illustrator for Life Continues After

Indigo - Illustrator for Life Continues After

After speaking with other survivors and reflecting on my experiences of feeling abandoned by society in my recovery, I realised I could fill the hole that I felt was missing in the recovery process. Although they are vital, substantial recovery unfortunately doesn’t often happen in the 8 week therapy sessions that is provided to some on the NHS. I felt like I was stranded in an ocean, with only a (breaking) life raft and no rescue in site.

I decided to create this platform to fill where I saw there was a dangerous hole. It is an area for people to share their own articles of advice, recommended coping mechanisms e.g. music playlists and videos, and anything else that feel like it belongs here. After my therapy ended I needed a space to write and to read about other people’s survival, to listen to and share music as a form of healing, and to find new binge-worthy but safe things to watch when I was feeling extra low. When I struggled to find such a space, I decided to make it myself. My hope is that the space will help people (or even 1 person) in their path to recovery and strength after sexual assault.

- Catriona (Founder)


Life Continues After has 3 main sections for readers:

Words - share an article you've written, poetry you've created or articles/books you've seen that have helped. 

Sounds  -  share music that has helped you, a playlist you've created or music you created yourself.

Sights - share TV shows, youtube clips or films that have helped, or share pictures or films you've created yourself.

There is a section for friends & family - for those who want to find out how they can help survivors they know, whether it's what to say to them or how to help 

There is an Events section where people can share any events going on locally or internationally. The event may be a fundraiser or simply a safe space for survivors/women/LGBTQ+ people to have fun.