Surviving the holidays

What I want to discuss is that it can also be an especially triggering time of year for survivors of sexual trauma. Sometimes, the holidays may a safe haven of warmth in their recovery. But it’s important to be mindful that there are a multitude of reasons why the holidays may be specifically hard for a survivor.

Justice For Gaia

Gaia Pope-Sutherland was a 19 year old survivor of rape, who lived with mental and physical impairments, whose preventable death has led to the campaing ‘Justice for Gaia’. Her loved ones began the campaign to demand justice for the lack of support and lack of urgency she was met with in her time of crisis.

An Open Letter to my Rapist...

‘When i come for you, the world won’t know. Only you. I will use words, i will use my intelligence, my kindness, my empathy and my strength to fight for something that is so much bigger than you.’ Morven shares with us her powerful words that decipher her persistance and the power she now holds over her past abuser.

What Happens When You Report to the Police?

No matter how much research, I could never find a real, solid answer to what the process actually involved. Whether you want to report to the police or not is only YOUR decision. You know what is right, so trust yourself. I’m writing this to provide you with the fullest picture of what may happen if you do report to the police.

The Importance of Terry Crews

Crews is an icon, first in sport, then in film and television, and now in the movement of justice for survivors. He is an inspiration to survivors, to male survivors, and especially to black male survivors, who can see themselves represented as a valid and much needed part of the movement.

Healing Through Meditation & Mindfulness

The goal of meditation is to make peace with the mind and find our inner essence: contentment and peace. With mindfulness, the goal is to become more in touch with our surroundings. However, as you may have noticed, the mind is a crowded place. It is very hard at first to calm its instinctive nature of noisiness. But it is incredibly good for your mental wellbeing.

The Awkward Label of Bravery

Ultimately, I think of myself, and other survivors, as more than what the word 'brave' brings with it. We are strong, even if we may not always feel it, and we are more than those often empty words of bravery strangers may throw at us.

The Language of Survival

Don't get me wrong - I am deeply proud of myself for my tenacity against shitty things, but I have specifically started noticing something about the cryptic language I use whenever speaking on my survival. My language, both personal and public, often falls short of the confidence I promote in accepting my survival.