Episode 3: Tanaka

Tanaka Mhishi tells Catriona about what happened when he was raped while on a date a few years ago.

Tanaka talks about losing friends after the assault, because they weren’t able to support him when he needed them.

This episode contains discussion of sexual abuse directly and the suicidal thoughts and loneliness it can cause. If you don’t feel like listening to details of sexual abuse, you can head straight to the next episode of After, to hear how Tanaka has coped since.

If you've been affected by sexual abuse or violence, you can find details of organisations in the UK who offer help and support at bbc.co.uk/actionline.

Tanaka Mhishi tells Catriona how writing plays about male sexual violence and consent helped him cope after he was raped in 2014.

He talks about writing a memoir about his love life after the assault happened and how he navigates his current relationship with his partner.

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