Episode 7: Sabah

Catriona talks to fellow survivor Sabah Kaiser about how it felt to be abused as a child and have no one believe her.

Sabah grew up in a British-Muslim household. Her parents were originally from Pakistan, but her father died when she was only two years old. Sabah was abused from the age of seven, and despite trying to tell a number of adults around her, she says no one believed her – including her own mother.

The abuse Sabah experienced started when she was very young and it’s a difficult conversation to hear. So if you want to skip straight to part 2, the story of how she has learned to live after her experience is really beautiful. You can go back to the feed now to hear that part.

Sabah Kaiser tells Catriona about reconnecting with her mother after years apart, and why she decided to become a voice for survivors in the BAME community.

She also talks about the beautifully unique way she copes when she’s feeling overwhelmed or having a bad day.

If you've been affected by child sexual abuse or violence, you can find details of organisations in the UK who offer help and support at bbc.co.uk/actionline.

Anybody who wants to share their experience of child sexual abuse can do so at the Truth Project, which is part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse. Just go to www.truthproject.org.uk

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