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Public Transport by Elyssa Rider

Elyssa shares with us a short comic on the all too familiar anxiety we can feel on public transport. If you’ve ever felt someone staring at you for too long, or felt the body of strangers too close to your own, we hope you’ll find comfort in Elyssa’s apt imagination of the situation…

Silent Snow

Pea/Phoebe of @grump.pea.illustration shares with us visual prose of her and her fellow sisterhood’s lifelong experience in victimhood, survival and the overarching silence of them.

A Fate Worse Than Death

‘I questioned where was the God that was meant to love and protect me? Why had he allowed this? How could he have let me be sacrificed on the alter of sexual violence?
All my feelings were heightened because of the culture that surrounds rape. Because of the messages that girls and women are taught, that is it better to die than to be raped…’