CW: sexual assault, rape references


In the dead of night my body was tortured, my innocence was corrupted

Beauty had come for me,

Aroused by the cover of dark he took me, stole me, abused me

As he looked down

I saw his cold marble stare,

And in that moment I knew fear,

He ignored my plea and with his disregard he penetrated my soul,

Ripped it apart with every moan,

He wasn’t aware of the terror screaming in my eyes,

With every thrust Beauty tore me

With every thrust Beauty took a part of me

Deaf to my cry he suffocated me,

As I tried to fly away Beauty broke my wings

As I tried to escape Beauty pinned me down,

When Beauty was finished he was able to stand and walk away,

He left me there

Weeping silently into the darkness,


Where no one could find me.

Your Survival is Valid.

Your Survival is Valid.

Public on pubic hair

Public on pubic hair