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Johanna Hedva: Sick Woman Theory

Hedva, a genderfluid person who chronic illness has ‘come to’ (their words), intricately and beautifully puts into words what every person living with chronic illness, pain or trauma (especially those who are political/ activists) has needed to hear their whole lives. They lay out the need for SWT as an act of destroying all oppressive structures of society, and they push for a centring of all ‘Sick Women’ in all of our spaces (both physical and ideological).

An Open Letter to my Rapist...

‘When i come for you, the world won’t know. Only you. I will use words, i will use my intelligence, my kindness, my empathy and my strength to fight for something that is so much bigger than you.’ Morven shares with us her powerful words that decipher her persistance and the power she now holds over her past abuser.