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It Happened Again

Cat shares with us something she survived: “I wake up with Lady Gaga’s ‘Til It Happens to You’ song in my head. And I’m ashamed. Ashamed because what happened to me (this time) was nothing compared to the stories she is telling in that song; the story she is telling about herself. It wasn’t even on the same level. But I still feel dirty and weak and tearful.”

Child on child sexual trauma

An anonymous contributor shares with us their story of childhood sexual trauma at the hands of another child. “I still, 30 years later can't fit the word abuse to this experience. Because it doesn't seem justified. Yet I know I experience the same symptoms of many people who were sexually abused as children by an adult.”

The Reality of Mundane Nightmares

In mundane nightmares my body recognises such dreamscapes as ‘normal’ - because they are normal in our world. But, these dreams should not be normal, no matter my body may try convince me so. They are ugly and they are violent; they feel normal only in this nightmarish reality of being a survivor surrounded in an ongoing rape culture. 

Johanna Hedva: Sick Woman Theory

Hedva, a genderfluid person who chronic illness has ‘come to’ (their words), intricately and beautifully puts into words what every person living with chronic illness, pain or trauma (especially those who are political/ activists) has needed to hear their whole lives. They lay out the need for SWT as an act of destroying all oppressive structures of society, and they push for a centring of all ‘Sick Women’ in all of our spaces (both physical and ideological).

An Open Letter to my Rapist...

‘When i come for you, the world won’t know. Only you. I will use words, i will use my intelligence, my kindness, my empathy and my strength to fight for something that is so much bigger than you.’ Morven shares with us her powerful words that decipher her persistance and the power she now holds over her past abuser.